Guerino Nava

Guerino Nava
Vice President

Vice President in Lionbridge International /

He studied engineering of industrial technologies and completed the training process c/o different schools of management. including that of Olivetti International Education centre in Haslemere (London) achieving different specializations from telecommunications, factory automation, shipbuilding and oil bases automation, sustainable health care and sustainable economic development.

His attention to an epistemology which is critical, and not detached from the world of mathematics and the real economy is the hallmark of his scientific career and vocational education in various branches.

The study of nonlinear dynamics has addressed to the archipelago of complexity. In particular, studies of symbolic cognitive models and sub-symbolic, from the old paradigm of artificial neural networks, small-world networks and finally to social networks and network operation centres’, have played a key role towards building a scenario centred on post-cognitive notions of intrinsic and emergency opening logic. In applying this approach to economic development studies and coined the terms of Brainware network and primordial broth of economic life among serendipity and ubiquity of the critical state and receiving critical acclaim and approval from the academic world pertaining to systemic and well-known centre for government development Economic.

From the above analysis has revealed a new concept of economic development between local economic development and social cohesion by focusing on the RES (renewable energy sources) following the way of technological innovation. At the base of the new process of economic development is understood as the place of innovation and the innovation’s social construction and of crossing disciplinary, where researchers from different disciplines can communicate and exchange for the common good conceptual and perspectives with particular attention to methodology. His seminars and interest from the theoretical problems of systems science, ethics and economic development sustainable and inclusive focus to the younger generations. He has held important roles in various organizations and scientific research centres and served as Business Development Manager at Nortel and Olivetti. Today is the catalyst of major advanced research activities in the sector of RES that involves not only the academic world, but especially of highly innovative small and medium enterprises.