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Domestic violence is rampant in Sri Lanka but very rarely spoken due to lack of education and support services.

Many women and children in Sri Lanka in urban and rural areas suffer in silence from domestic violence.

Domestic violence is use of any physical or sexual force, actual or threatened, in an intimate relationship. It may include a single acts forming a pattern of abuse through the use of assaultive ‎and controlling behavior. The pattern of abuse may include; physical abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, and threats to harm children, other family members, pets, and property.

Addiction to alcohol is a another major problem in Sri Lanka in urban and rural areas.

Alcohol abuse means having unhealthy or dangerous drinking habits, such as drinking every day or drinking too much at a time.

In a third world country like Sri Lanka alcohol abuse leads to domestic violence,‎ job insecurity, loss of property and ill health.

There are no programs to educate youth and general public of repercussions of alcohol abuse and rehabilitation centers.

Drug use is also becoming rampant in urban and suburban areas especially among older school children.

Lionbridge International ‎will be
– Setting up centers island wide ‎to offer free counseling, free medication and free trauma-relief therapies.
‎- Set up inpatient therapy treatment centers to offer detoxification programs to help break body’s physical addiction to alcohol and drugs. Offer free medication to help prevent shaking, confusion, hallucinations and convulsions.
– ‎Set up programs to educate youth and general public of repercussions of alcohol abuse and drug use.