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All food collected is destined to social entities registered and monitored by the Network of Food Banks. There are hundreds of institutions that serve thousands of people every day. Make your donation with the certainty that your gesture will not be in vain. The process of donating and collecting food is important. But it is only the first step of our work. To ensure a continuous process and with broader results, we work together with the entities with a qualification project, contributing to the work each one carries out. Taking part in a good cause is always a great idea. Better yet when this gesture bears fruit. From the donation of 50 kilos of food, your company becomes a partner of Lionbridge International having its brand exposed as one of the sponsors of the project. You contribute and end up helping yourself.

How it works?
At Lionbridge International, you can donate food to the Food Bank, without spending anything. The Food Banks distribute food to previously registered charities benefiting thousands of needy people. Any company can contact the nearest Food Bank to participate. In addition to helping the Bank serve the needy communities in its region, its brand will still appear as a partner of Lionbridge International. To contact the Food Bank, just send a message through the link “Contact”. To register your company, or just click here.

Why Donations?
Hunger continues to hit, in a rigorous way, the people with the lowest financial conditions. The Food Bank works on behalf of those who need it most, and it brings them the least condition of a decent life, which is to have food. Through Lionsbridge international, the society is given the opportunity to collaborate in a very simple way: on the one hand a person accesses the site and makes a donation of 1 kg of food with few clicks. On the other hand, a partner company sponsors the donation and in return has its brand exposed. Fair, right? Participate you too, go to and let solidarity touch you. Contact Do you want to make a criticism, suggestion or register your company as a sponsor?

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