Privacy Policy and access to information

At Lionbridge International Australia we consider every supporter, client, donor and worker important and respectable. Therefore, Lionbridge International has always been committed to responsibility and transparency.

We always respect and make sure to safeguard your privacy and confidentiality. Therefore Lionbridge International will proceed to maintain highest possible standards adhering to the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and the National Privacy Principles.

A copy of the National Privacy Principles is available at the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and relevant child welfare legislation, including that involving the Ombudsman, Children’s Advocate and Commissioner.Our privacy policy, risk policy and complaints policy is included in this section for your reference.

Lionbridge Internationalregardsall complaints and allegations extremely important. Complaints about alleged abuse of children and animals are attended to immediately and in many situations must be followed up by the NSW Ombudsman and Children’s Commissioner or the ACT Government. Lionbridge International also accepts complaints where services have disappointed clients or careers so that we can review our programs and policies.

If you are concerned about the abuse of a child or animal by a Lionbridge International’ carer, worker or volunteer, you should contact the relevant Centre Program Manager or Senior Manager or the Chief Executive ( without delay. Lionbridge International is obliged to inform the NSW Ombudsman or ACT Government of serious allegations upon which investigations will be arranged and conducted. Police and statutory departments may also be involved. The process will be personally explained to you at the time of the allegation.

This complaints procedure refers to service complaints which do not involve allegations of child abuse. In such an instance, the complaint will be assessed impartially in a manner which all parties get an opportunity to present their case. It also aims to ensure that clients may be awardedcompensation if they suffer disadvantages by a decision of a worker. It provides an opportunity for the agency to recognize and resolve problems in philosophy or management may be impeding our ability to assist clients. The complaints procedure necessarily may not resolve a conflict.

Complaints can be sent, in writing or verbally, to any member of ourorganization. Clients and donorscould be placed in a difficult situation when they complain, as their only contact with the organizationcould be through the person about whom they wish to complain. This difficulty may be worsened when literacy skills are poor and people tend to feel a sense of general ‘powerlessness’. Lionbridge International’ employees should bear this in mind when considering whether a complaint is being and what procedure must be followed henceforth. Suppression of a complaint by a worker will be subjected to serious consideration, particularly insofar as it provides important information on Lionbridge International’ policies and practices.

Initially, complaints should be open to conciliation, i.e. there should be an attempt by the people involved to understand and try to come up with resolutions for the issues. However, should the complaint be treated unsatisfactorily in the client’s view, the matter should then be referred to the appropriate supervisor. A complaint suggestive of poor welfare practice would inevitably permit full investigation – for example, a complaint suggesting rights of the client have been neglected or breached, or a complaint that a worker has operated outside Lionbridge International’ policies.

The agency must deal with complaints as promptly as possible; however we must balance the need for a fair hearing against other clients’ needs for service. The Centre Senior Manager must make every attempt to ensure that support is offered to workers who have had a complaint made against them.

At the initial conciliation effort, the supervisor of the program will mediate between the complainant and the worker involved. When a coordinator or Program Manager is involved in the complaint, the Senior Manager of the service center should be the one to mediate. If possible, an agreed written report outlining the issues and resolutions should be put on file. In

the event no resolution is reached, the matter should then be referred to the next most senior level, ex. Centre Senior Manager or Chief Executive Officer, for further attempts at conciliation. If conciliation still cannot be achieved, the complaint can then be directed straight to external bodies such as the NSW Office of the Ombudsman or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Complaints can be made externally by speaking or writing to NSW Ombudsman or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal if you believe that Lionbridge International has acted irrationally –

In the way they provide or manage a service to someone;

  • By not rendering a service to someone
  • By withdrawing or altering a service to someone
  • By providing a service to someone that you believe should be receiving that service

A complaint may be about the conduct of Lionbridge International and/or the conduct of workers.

The Ombudsman defines a service provider as having acted irrationally if their decision or conduct;

  • Does not conform to the relevant legislature or guidelines
  • Does not meet satisfactory standards
  • Has anunfavorable impact on a particular consumer or consumers of that service.

Further details:

As an alternative you can contact the Administrative Decisions Tribunal on or telephone 9223 4677.

This policy refers to interactions made through our website, and with our donors and supporters. For information about privacy issues relating to donors, clients or volunteers working with children, please read our Children, young people & families using Lionbridge International Services privacy policy. You may also contact our Lionbridge International Privacy Officer on XXXXXXXXXXX for assistance.

At Lionbridge International Australia every supporter, client, donor and worker is very much important to us.Lionbridge International has always been committed to responsibility and transparency.

We always respect and make sure to safeguard your privacy and confidentiality. Therefore Lionbridge International will proceed to maintain highest possible standards adhering to the Privacy Act1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.

A copy of the Australian Privacy Principles is available at the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and relevant child welfare legislation, including that involving the Ombudsman, Children’s Advocate and Commissioner.

We always respect and make sure to safeguard your privacy and confidentiality. Therefore Lionbridge International will proceed to maintain highest possible standards adhering to the Privacy Act 1998 and the National Privacy Principles.

We will endeavor to handle your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the Australian Privacy Principles.

Our pledge to the security of confidentiality is highly firm and we aim to apply best practice to ensure privacy is always safeguarded and respected. Privacy management is a consistent and an evolving process and we regularly update our practices to accommodate changes in technology, the organization’s function and legislature.

This privacy statement summarizes how we collect, use, archive and disclose personal information about Lionbridge International Donors and Supporters in our correspondences. If you would like more detailed information please go through our full Privacy Policy.

Without the strength of our donors and supporters, Lionbridge International would not be able to persist caring for children and families in need. It is understandable that supporting an organization is a very personal decision and we recognize the trust you are placing in us through your association with us. We are always fully committed to preserve that trust. Our staff are employed on the basis that they will constantly keep any information about you safe and confidential. This is our principal as an organization. Under the law your rights to privacy are also protected. The Privacy Act and general law impose strict requirements on us to treat any information you provide to us as confidential. We require every organization which works with us to sustain our obligations under the Privacy Act. This ensures your personal information is kept safe and confidential and is used and archived appropriately.

Lionbridge International collects personal information that you provide to us for a nominated purpose. Such personal information may include but not limited to name, address, telephone numbers, date of birth, email address and bank/credit card.

Lionbridge International Australia will collect personal information directly from you where possible. This may include several methods such as through donation coupons, online, purchasing merchandise or taking part in an event or campaign such as International Children’s day, animal welfare campaigns etc.

We also take down personal information from third parties such as contractors, fundraising service providers and list vendors. If personal information about an individual is collected from a third party and it is uncertainwhether that the individual has agreed to the revelation of his or her personal information to Lionbridge International, without delay, reasonable steps must be taken to contact the individual and ensure that he or she is aware of such collection of personal information. In most cases, this can take place concurrently with the first use of the information by Lionbridge International.

Lionbridge International Australia may gather your personal information for a number of reasons which include;

  • Marketing: to discuss with you regarding donations, services, products,campaigns and various other events
  • Research: to conduct and/or fund research into Lionbridge International programs and services or research into supporter attitudes
  • Volunteering and other support: to enable you to assist us with volunteering, community fundraising, advocacy and other activities where the contribution of the society is the key factor.
  • Other issues: communicating with regards to our operations, activities and objectives, to confirm your identity, to improve and assess our programs and services and to conformto relevant laws.

Wherever feasible, Lionbridge Internationalwill send you a collection notice which explains the key purpose for which we are collecting your personal information.

It is up to you to decide whether to provide or not provide any information you choose. However, in the case you have not provided some or all of the personal information requested, we may not be able to offer you services or delivernecessary information to you relevant to our causes, events, programs and projects.

Your personal information may have to be disclosed to other parties in order to carry out our activities such as;

Third parties for marketing purposes: we may share your contact details withcharitable and otherorganizations with similar incentive, including third party service providers who facilitate the sharing of information between such types of charitable or organizations with similar scope including data collectives.

Contractors and service providers: who implement services on our behalf, such as mailing houses, printers, information technology services providers (including onshore cloud computing service providers),database contractors, data washing and data matching service providers, and telemarketing agencies.

Wherever possible, we will provide you with a collection notice which explains the circumstances in which we might need to disclose your personal information.

Lionbridge International does not hold information about you that we do not require to properly conduct our services. We try to ensure that all information that we do have in our possession about you is accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date.

Where we use your personal information to send you marketing and promotional information by post, email or telephone, you will be given the opportunity to opt out of receiving such information. By electing not to opt-out, we will assume we have your implied consent to accept similar information and communications in the future. We will always make sure that our opt-out notices are clear, conspicuous and legible.

If you would like to change any information that you have previously submitted to us, or if you want to alter the frequency or type of direct marketing communications, please contact: Lionbridge InternationalXXXAustralia Donor & Supporter Services, .., .., Phone: +61 or email –

Your personal information will be keptsecured on a password protected electronic database. Backups of electronic information are inscribed to tapes which are stored with a third party provider of secure archiving services.

Hard copy information is generally kept in our offices, which are well secured to prevent entry by anyunauthorized personnel. It may be stored for a limited time with a third party for specific purposes, for example at a mailing house. Any personal information not actively being utilized is archived, typically for 7 years, with a third party provider of secure archiving services.

Where personal information is stored with a third party, we have careful preparations which require those third parties to strictly maintain the security of the information. We take sound steps to protect the privacy and security of that information, but we are not liable for any unauthorized access or use of that information.

Your personal information will be retained on the database indefinitely until you request that you would like to have them removed, unless we de-identify it or destroy it earlier adhering to the privacy law requirements.

We handle all payment card transactions strictly in line with the standards of the Payment Card Industry.

Lionbridge International uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates which is the current industry standard for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal data, including credit card number, name and address so that it cannot be observedor obtained by a third party as the information travels over the Internet.

When individuals access Lionbridge International’s main website and any other websites under the control of Lionbridge International Australia, software embedded in our website (such as JavaScript) may be used by the organization and may place small data files (or cookies) on the individual’s computer or other device.

The purpose of these cookies is to gather information about which pages are viewd and how they are been reached, what they do when they visit a page, the length of time they spent on the page, and how Lionbridge International performs in providing content to them. This also helps Lionbridge International to serve the individual more efficiently and productively if they revisit the site.

We do not currently associate such information with an identifiable person, and as such, the information so collected is not personal information.

While we keep all personal information well secured from others, individuals are permitted to access any personal information held by Lionbridge International about them, except in some unique circumstances conditioned by law. Where an individual requests access to their personal information, Lionbridge International is bound to provide it. However, Lionbridge International may limit or restrict access to such personal information where providing such access is unreasonably onerous or expensive subjected to given circumstances, or as otherwise permitted by the Privacy Principles of Australia.

If there is an operational reason why the employee may not agree to provide the requested information, the employee should seek advice from the Privacy Officer: … or Telephone: (+61) … or email:

This policy will be made available upon request.From time to time it will be reviewed and any amendments will be included in the updated policy. If you are a donor, client or volunteer please click here for our privacy policy with regards to your specific contact with us. Information provided by donors, clients and volunteers is not covered in the information above and is specifically discussed in the Donor policy.

We consider respecting your privacy is highly important and we make every effort to ensure this is done at all times. However, if you believe we have made a breached your privacy rights in any way, or you would like to discuss any issues that may arise with our privacy policy, we urge you to contact our Privacy Officer:Lionbridge International Australia ….

Telephone: (+61) …. or email:

We will try our best to satisfy any queries that you may have and rectify any errors on our part as swiftly as possible.

In the case you may find our response to such queries unsatisfactory, you have the right to make a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner.

Lionbridge International is dedicated to the wellbeing of all our clients. As part of that obligation, we respect your privacy and work strictly adhering to the privacy laws. However, these laws do not affect Lionbridge International’s legal responsibilities for the protection of children and animals and given the circumstances there are times when Lionbridge International must report concerns about children and animals without seeking permission of the people involved. This is our responsibility under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 in NSW and the Child and Young People ACT 1999 in the ACTand for animals?.

Please read our Children, young people and families using Lionbridge International services – Privacy policy and access to information. It has been written for children, young people and families using our services, and for donors, workers, volunteers, job applicants and adoption applicants.