Ruwan S Paul JP

Ruwan S Paul JP
Vice President
Phone: +61 406254868
Location: Australia
Degrees: Class of 1992 · Engineering · Kingston upon Hull
Working Days: Monday, Friday

Vice President in Lionbridge International

Ruwan Paul is a business owner for various companies in the state of Victoria, Australia. His successful businesses expands to Sri Lanka over many decades. He is an Australian & Sri Lankan Citizen.

Lionbridge International is an independent development and humanitarian organisation which works in many countries across the world, especially in Australia & Sri Lanka and Asia. In the past years Lionbridge International reached millions of disadvantaged people in the community over many countries through its programming.

Lionbridge International focuses on: Child protection, education, child participation, economic security, emergencies, health, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and water and sanitation. We provide training in disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and has worked on relief efforts in many countries.

Ruwan Paul graduated as a Marine Engineer from University Of Hull in England and Master of Business and Administration Monash University Melbourne Australia

He is a retired Naval Executive Commissioner Officer Since 1987 to 2001. He was given the honorary position of The Justice of the Peace Presented by President of the Sri Lanka in 1998.

He worked as a Personnel Assistant to the Minister of Defence – Sri Lanka Year 1996-2001. Ruwan’s involvement with humanitarian Projects and NGO Projects for the last 15 years has been immense and given him the compassion and empathy to remove barriers that have affected this community at large.

Ruwan Paul believes that in a world where all people live in just societies, where we are all empowered to achieve our full potential, uphold our rights and the rights of others for a life with peace and dignity; and where we are all inspired to remember, welcome and support those who suffer from poverty and injustice.

Ruwan Paul has reached out in love, for justice. He bring together people willing to work in service to help end suffering. As partners, we work openly and accountably, supporting programs which welcome, respect and bring hope through care to those fleeing from, or hurt by, disaster, poverty and oppression. We add our voice to those of the unheard and the excluded, together crying out for justice so that we can all live in just and sustainable.

We take a rights-based approach to poverty reduction. This means we work to address the underlying causes of poverty, not just its effects. This approach also ensures that the benefits of development are shared equally, especially among vulnerable groups such as women and ethnic minorities.

Lionsbridge International believe that equipping local people with the skills they need to make long-term change is the most effective way to alleviate poverty. We work with in-country partners who have the knowledge and experience needed to broker relationships and deliver culturally-appropriate projects. We also mentor these organisations in key areas such as policy and finance so they have greater capacity to drive local development in the long-term.

The way we work is underpinned by our four strategic directions:

  1. Programs

 We deliver innovative and high quality programs, which build inclusive, sustainable communities better able to tackle poverty and injustice. With 50 years of experience, we know that working with trusted local partners is the most effective way of alleviating poverty. We work in countries where we have strong connections, and direct knowledge of the development context. As a small organisation, we focus on activities that will make the most of our resources, while also seeking out new opportunities to address poverty.

  1. Partnerships

We forge partnerships that add value to our work, and contribute to reducing extreme poverty. Our partnerships stretch beyond our in-country partners, and include our donors, Australian supporters, community members, research institutions, other development agencies, and national and local governments. We constantly evaluate and strengthen relationships with partners to ensure that we are delivering the most cost-effective, high quality programs.

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  1. Engagement

We inspire Australians (and people around the world) to take action on poverty by facilitating informed conversations about what we can all do to address this complex issue. By sharing our stories with the public, we strive to educate people on the importance of international development. We also encourage Australians to volunteer, fundraise, advocate, and share their passion for tackling global poverty with their communities.

  1. Sustainability

Good people, efficient systems, and professional standards are the foundations of our organisation. We believe that building our own capacity is key to delivering effective development. We are committed to learning, innovation, and investment in our own team. This ensures that we are up-to-date on best practice, deliver on our promises to partners, and manage our own resources efficiently, while continuing to grow our platform to attract more supporters.

  1. Boosting local economies

With an increased income and therefore more money to spend on items such as food and transport, families who used to live in poverty become active participants in their local economies, benefiting the providers of those products and services, who, positively, are often micro entrepreneurs themselves. By boosting local economies, microfinance benefits developing communities beyond the aid of a one-time hand-out.

  1. Creating change

With the new sense of dignity and respect that comes from having their own business, micro entrepreneurs are also able to use their influence to bring about positive changes in their communities – rallying local government for improvements to infrastructure or education and bringing local families together to take on community projects.

  1. Training

Often provided in loan meetings, training helps families grow successful businesses and make the most of their small loans. Additional education sessions – focused on other aspects of everyday life – help empower mothers, fathers and even whole communities.

Financial training teaches people the ins and outs of earning, spending, budgeting and borrowing. Helping families understand the range of financial services available to them, it encourages them to manage their hard-earned incomes wisely. In the Philippines, multimedia resources have been developed to engage and educate loan recipients. Short videos in a game-show format teach families about the importance of saving, managing credit and financial planning.

  1. Tackling Poverty 

We join forces with people who share this belief, to empower communities to build better lives for themselves. That’s why we are there on the ground, not only to save lives in times of crisis, but also to develop lasting solutions.

Our work spans wide because there are many causes of poverty. That’s why we’re also in front of decision-makers, governments and corporations, and speak out on the big issues. Together we are tackling poverty by changing minds, systems and lives. We can’t do it without you

We’d love you to join our movement for change — millions of people around the world that are committed to tackling poverty. We’ve already made great progress, but we simply can’t do what we do without you. A hand up not a hand out

We don’t believe in Band-Aids. We believe in long-term solutions that address the root causes of poverty. We know from decades of experience that the best approach is to work directly with the communities affected by poverty to overcome the challenges they face. That’s because no one understands their problems better than they do; they just need a little help.

Together, we can empower people to improve their own lives and create more opportunities for their families. Join our community of supporters who donate regularly and you’ll help Lionbridge International that saves lives around the world. It’s one of the best ways you can help to tackle poverty.

The projects that Ruwan Paul has been involved are as follows:

Lions Hunger Project, Cataract Operations Project, Scholarship Project Feed the needy Project, Victorian Ambulance project, Donation of Spectacles Project, Blood Sugar testing Project, Bush Fire Victims Project, Hart walker Project, Tree Planting Project, Cancer Project and the Distributing Books for schools kids Project.

The Melvin Jones Fellowship award from Lions Club International Chicago was awarded to Ruwan Paul for his tireless dedication and input towards the projects run for Lions. It is a highest individual honour from the Lions Club International Foundation to recognize members and the community for their generous support, commitment and dedication to humanitarian projects.

His involvements outside Lions – Master of Freemasons Victoria Australia, Member of the Australian Coast Guard St. Kilda Flotilla and Australian Naval Officers Club, Maris Stella College OBA and many other organisations. He is a man of many talents, he loves cooking, dancing, socialising, helping people, going to the gym as he has specialised in Scuba Diving, Physical Fitness and Infantry Courses.

In addition to his achievements and contributions in community services, he is the managing director of Australian Property guide Pty Ltd, Recruitment Agency Australia, Australian International Migration Consultants Pty Ltd, AIMC Australian Visas Pty Ltd, Let’s Tours & Travels, Timber Flooring, and Fresh Feel Flood restoration in Australia for the past 15 years, Australian Education Agents and Consultant for Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Korea and China for the last 10 years. Also he is the owner of a Hotel in Colombo called Riverside Hotel.