Free Veterinary Clinic


The mission of Lionbridge International is to eliminate homelessness animals by rescuing, rehabilitating, finding them responsible homes for adoption, help shelters as well as eradicating rabies related deaths of mainly children below the age of 15 in Sri Lanka by Year 2020 by collaborating with the Government of Sri Lanka.

We are constantly looking for ways to help, to show you that it can be simple and pleasant.


We provide them with the best care and rehabilitation.
We aim to offer lifelong commitment to the dogs that come into our care and a lifetime of support to their new families.
Provide shelter for abandoned pets, and to find homes for abandoned dogs.
Reunite lost and found pets with their families.
Help raise funds to feed the shelter dogs through our click to feed Project.
Provide free advice on how to take care of your pet,
Assist the less fortunate to take care of their animals through our outreach programme.
To provide advice and behavior consultations, using positive training methods to help people keep their pets.
Vaccination and sterilization of dogs in Sri Lanka by Year 2020 to eradicate rabies related deaths mainly of young children and women.
Conduct rabies awareness programs in villages in Sri Lanka.
Provide medical treatment for sick and injured dogs. Taking care of dogs injured by accidents on the highways of Sri Lanka.
Providing after care for sterilized/neutered dogs. Following up postnatal sterilization of dogs.

Any donation can make a huge difference in the lives of children and animals in need. 100% of the donations received go directly to our organization.

To donate money and help us care for our dogs


The main goal of the campaign is to change the thinking and behavior of people in Sri Lanka in relation to the animals. We are here not to be abandoned dogs to the number of pets in shelters. Therefore we organize social campaigns and events, through which anyone can “help the way.”

The Government programs do not sterilize pregnant dogs and puppies.
They don’t do any follow up work. So, we go back into the areas and do postnatal sterilization. Puppies when they become adults are sterilized by us.

We conduct follow up programs in all districts island wide in Sri Lanka as well as allocate resources to areas where there is a considerable dog population which requires to be controlled by sterilization, anti-rabies vaccination and other medical treatment for
injuries and conduct awareness programs.

We are dedicated to sterilizing and vaccinating 100,000 dogs per year which costs $20 per dog. The cost include house to house campaigns in villages to educate about rabies eradication program, printing and distributing leaflets about the program, vaccinations, sterilization surgery, post sterilization care, follow up and treat complications and to take care of the dog until healthy.

We provide free treatment for sick and injured dogs, treat dogs with cancer and tumors, provide medical treatment for dogs injured by motor accidents including accidents on highways and do free catarct operations. It costs $50 per dog and we intend treating 3,000 per year.


Choose your pooch, you want to feed from one of the shelters. Every 3
people who will share in the shares is 1 meal for the pooch from the


Together we can help you find safe homes for dogs from Lionbridge International